Legacy of Leadership

Today three hundred fifty dollars can hardly buy more than a tablet with a high-definition screen or a round-trip ticket to Los Angeles. It once bought a piece of land on the north side of a hustling, bustling Texas town called Dallas. In a sense, it bought the future mission and witness of Church of the Incarnation, founded in 1878 as the Cathedral Chapter of the Incarnation at the insistence of the Right Reverend Alexander Charles Garrett.

Nearly 100 years later The Incarnation Foundation was created to be a steward of the gifts God has entrusted us by encouraging, receiving, and managing planned gifts such as bequests through wills or living trusts for the transformational work of Church of the Incarnation.

The church’s history speaks for itself in terms worshiping in the grand tradition of the Church, growing Disciples of Jesus Christ, serving the poor, and raising up leaders for the renewal of the Church. But don’t take our word for it; travel back in time with these videos that reveal the story of Incarnation as told by the rectors of our church.

The Reverend Edwin Wickens

The Reverend Joseph Sherrin

The Right Reverend Charles Clingman

The Reverend Chauncey E. Snowden

The Right Reverend C. Gresham Marmion, Jr.

The Reverend James S. Cox

The Reverend Paul W. Pritchartt

The Reverend Larry P. Smith

The Right Reverend Anthony J. Burton

Legacy giving is in the fabric of the life of this church. Incarnation was born in a moment of selfless offering when the Rt. Rev. Alexander Charles Garrett used his $350 to buy a piece of land on the north side of a hustling, bustling Texas town called Dallas.

Church of the Incarnation, under such patronage, seemed destined from the start for a special role in proclamation and witness. Since the first recorded planned gift from Asa Smith Bowley in 1929 to purchase coal for fuel and warmth in the winter months for the residents of Dallas, the church has received gifts through estates that continue to help fund its highest needs.

Since the Foundation’s inception in 1988, it has grown these assets, using income generated to award grants to the ministries of the Church and the community it serves.