What do you have in common with The Incarnation Foundation?

You both are good and faithful servants committed to Incarnation now and in the future. Whether you’ve been here for decades or are just settling into your new church home, you belong to God; it’s that simple.

Be intentional with your how you spend your money. Creating a legacy is an opportunity to demonstrate your values and create a roadmap for what you want your loved ones to continue to believe in and support.

We value:

Worshiping, Growing Disciples, Serving the Poor, and Raising up Leaders


— Jennifer LeBlanc

Incarnation.org Website

“The Church of the Incarnation Website is our virtual front door. It is our connection to the world and the place where we make our first impression. As we open our physical doors, it’s an opportunistic time to bring people to our church and to Christ.”


— Sarah and Charles Colmark

Faith at Home

“Faith at Home, a new program of Children and Family Ministries, gives us the tools we need to encourage the spiritual formation of our kids between Sundays.”


— Kimberly Durnan

Belize Mission Trip

"God sneaked into my heart and intellect while I concentrated on painting, shelving books, and talking to the local children. His presence drifted and swirled about us while we all worked making me feel part of a greater good, less selfish and more connected to the church.”


— Ryan Pollock

Tuition Support

"All of us wonder from time to time if we are really doing what God would have us do with our lives vocationally, and I personally hadn’t felt like I was on the right track until I started the discernment process toward priestly ordination, and landed at seminary last fall. Last year’s grant was a blessed relief, and helped free my wife and I from the anxiety of student loans. The whole time I have been in seminary, our student account has only had the smallest surplus in it, we’ve managed to pay our bills but usually with only a few hundred dollars to spare. I’ve been thinking about it like manna: we’ve had all we need, but never so much that we end up trusting our bank accounts instead of our Lord’s provision. We’ll keep learning about this trust, and we’ll keep following him into the bright unknown." Pollock, a seminarian graduate of Nashotah House, received a grant from All Saints Theological Fund to support his studies